Performed by Nunique Quartet — Brigid Burke (Bass Clarinet, Visuals and Electronics), Steve Falk (Percussion), Megan
Kenny (Flutes) and Charles MacInnes (Trombone and Live Electronics)

Wind-Sound-Breath is about the Yarra Bend Park of natural bushland near the Melbourne Polytechnic in Victoria, Australia. The music and visuals depict the steep river escarpments, open woodlands, playing fields and city scenes. The traditional Indigenous owners of the land also influence this composition—their myths and culture maintain a connection to the land and waters. Wind-Sound-Breath explores histories and musical influences of the campus—past and present.

Tangled Vines

An improvised work performed by Nunique Quartet (recorded on 6 July 2016).
Brigid Burke (bass clarinet, electronics), Steve Falk (percussion, electronic drums), Megan Kenny (flute, piccolo) and Charles MacInnes (bass trombone, live processing).